A diploma thesis is not only the completion of the diploma course, but can also mean the entrance into a career in science or practice. However, there are some hurdles to be overcome. If you write a thesis, you are ready for a larger undertaking, which requires professional competence, but also perseverance.

Topic search and planning

At the beginning of the work is the search for a topic that can be treated scientifically. This task is by no means banal, since a wrongly chosen topic can bring about greater problems. Anyone who notices in the course of writing that the crucial literature can only be procured with great effort must reckon with a longer working time. Also, it can happen that a recklessly chosen title can not be implemented because it would go beyond the scope of the work.

The topic should always be chosen according to one’s own research focus or already with regard to career opportunities. The second step consists in the conception of the work, whereby in this phase already a first literature evaluation should take place, which sets at least the cornerstones clearly and justifies, which aspects should be treated and which should be ignored.

The writing of the diploma thesis

In order to write a diploma thesis, sufficient time is needed first – it is not enough to orientate yourself to the number of pages and the amount of time involved in major seminar work, as the reviewers generally place higher demands on diploma theses. In addition, the amount of time spent can grow quickly as unforeseen problems can arise when dealing with theoretical questions or collecting and analyzing data.

The writing itself is heavily dependent on the individual’s habits, so there is no panacea, after its application always a successful text comes about. Some students prefer to gather literature for weeks or months before they start writing, while others are already raiding the first texts by a variety of ideas that should be put on paper or screen immediately.

How many mental stages and how many corrections are needed to make a text into an idea is also dependent on the person writing. It is clear that the writing of the thesis can be a great burden. However, there is always the opportunity to review the texts with friends and fellow students and thus benefit from their suggestions.

Help with the thesis: ghostwriter as a way out?

Another type of assistance is provided by academic ghostwriters – the professional “midwives” of many diploma, master, bachelor and master theses.

Anyone looking for word combinations on the Internet such as “Ghostwriting Diploma Thesis” or “Ghostwriter Diploma Thesis” will be surprised at the number of hits. Often it is also advertised with terms such as “write a diploma thesis” – this approach would not only be a scientific misconduct, but may also entail other consequences.

On the other hand, it looks different when academic ghostwriters merely provide auxiliary services. These include, for example, the examination of an outline or an exposé, the search and delivery of literature and the creation of scientific texts that can be used as a template.

Proofreading and plagiarism testing

Caring for a professional ghostwriting agency, however, goes far beyond creating scientific texts. Thus, an academic ghostwriter is always a specialist in the respective topic and can be from the beginning as an experienced supervisor the graduate students with words and deeds. As a reliable contact during the writing process, he is happy to answer questions about scientific work.

Once the diploma thesis has been completed, the ghostwriter will be used again and will carry out a high-quality correction of the extensive results. Although it is also a tried and tested way to let friends and classmates proofread the work, but should not be waived on a professional editing.

This is exactly what the plagiarism check looks like. Many diploma students want to be on the safe side and know all the quotes and ideas of third parties correctly identified. Again, for example, the Internet offers numerous tools for independent plagiarism, but a professional plagiarism should be performed by experienced, scientists and academics. These are specialists in the respective field and are well versed in the field of primary and secondary literature. This way, students always play it safe and can rely on proper citation and a complete bibliography.

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